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When most of us think about publishing, there is only one application that comes to mind, and that is the publishing of some kind of creative work so that it can be read by a large amount of people.

Maybe you have written a collection of short stories, a poem or two, a song, essay or a novel that you would like to have available en masse so that the world can take a look at what you have to offer. For most people, this is the goal of the creative process; put it into the hands of the public and hopefully have enough people interested to be able to build a career.

Well, the world of publishing is a tricky one, particularly when it comes to creative works. Every single publication company out there has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to what they will accept and what they want. Often, it is a matter of who you know, and not necessarily the quality of your work, that will get you noticed. You would be surprised to find just how many of the most famous names in written work today had piece after piece rejected by one publishing company or another before getting their lucky break (Garry Larson, creator of the comic strip The Far Side, humour columnist Dave Barry, JK Rowling, and Stephen King to name just a few).

That's right, we did dare to say lucky break. If you leave your publishing and writing career up to the major publishers, that is really what is going to matter when it comes to your work. There is a vast network of red tape and different tastes that your work will have to go through before it is accepted and a contract is offered, and that is if you get everything right in terms of submission. Keep in mind that everyone's tastes are different and that includes people who have a look at your manuscript in order to determine whether it will be published or not.

When it comes to all the work someone puts into creating that manuscript in the first place, the frustration of trying to get a publisher to notice it can be devastating. Fortunately, there is an alternative, and that is self publishing.

One of the main focuses of this site is on the world of self publishing. By taking the publishing, marketing, and sales of your work into your own hands you can avoid a lot of the aggravation that comes with trying to get your work approved by someone else out of the equation.

Of course, self publishing will involve a lot more work for you as an individual. It will also mean bearing the costs of the publishing process and marketing your work yourself. What we are going to do on this site is provide tips and hints on how you can keep the costs of self publishing relatively low, and how to market your self published materials. We think that when you follow all of the steps, you may actually find that the cost of your work from the consumer point of view is actually lower than it would have been had you gone through a big house, and this can mean a lot more exposure. And guess what? If your self published work is successful enough, you will probably find the big companies are coming to YOU.

There is another aspect to writing and publishing that we focus on with this site, and that is from the perspective of a business. When you take a look at the reality of all the various pieces of work your company puts out each year, the sheer amount of paper can be staggering. Publishing all the documents needed for a business can be a lot of work; you have to have someone in charge of writing the material, putting it together, and then getting it out to the "target market". This market could be in house employees or it could be potential customers, and that presents another logistical challenge, in that you need to be able to get the material out there.

Well, we will take a look at a few ways to take the burden of writing and publishing business materials so that you can save time and money on this big enterprise. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to help get your business publications out into the hands of those they are intended for, and we will provide a broad range of them to you.

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