When it comes to the three main topics on which our site focuses, most people have at least a passing familiarity with the first two. After all, anyone who has been through the school system has probably read a couple of dozen books, while the same system encourages people to write different pieces. So, it is probably pretty safe to say that while we are not all experts on reading and writing, most of us have some idea about how to go about doing those things.

Publishing, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. There are many different reasons for a person to be interested in the world of publishing, and it may surprise you when you realize just how many different pieces of work fall under the topic of publishing. Despite the fact that anything you read (including business cards, newspaper advertisements, and company slogans on postcards) has been published in one form or another, most people have not the slightest idea how the publishing process works or how to go about getting something published.

This topic of our site seeks to end the mystery of publishing for every area in which publishing is involved. Are you interested in becoming a well-known writer? Well, it is not all just about how well you write. There is a surprising amount of politics and red tape involved in the publishing world for the individual writer (at least when you are not well known) and being published is never a guaranteed outcome. You need to know the different publishing houses, their criteria for submissions, the likelihood of the house selecting your material, and the best ways to get an in. A house that publishing fiction novels is not the place to send your environmental book on the effects of waste water on household water. The whole process can be daunting to say the very least, but at least with a little bit of knowledge gained beforehand you can have a little more confidence when it is time to submit your work. Sometimes books go directly to the main editor, while other times your book is being filtered through interns who also do student proofreading to pay the bills. It's useful to even know who will be reading your piece.

Many people choose to reject the world of mainstream publishing altogether and instead elect to publish on their own, possibly using an online printing service like There are several risks involved in self publishing, as well as rewards, and it helps to know about both sides before going in. There are also ways in which you can cut down the costs of the self publishing project; we will provide some hints in this area, as well.

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And, of course, most of the publishing that goes on in the world today has nothing at all to do with writing for entertainment purposes. From making your own business cards to creating a company brand image, publishing has become an integral part of today's business world. Knowing the ins and outs of business publishing can help boost your customer base, and having a few tips and tricks available can help you cut down the costs of the process.

So, whether you are looking to have your book on childhood development published or just looking for a business that can reproduce promotional postcards inexpensively to promote your online software, the information in this section is designed to help you out. The articles here will help make the world of publishing a less mysterious one, from all perspectives.

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